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If you were to ask my what my favourite dev tool is, my answer is 100% Source Control. If you are someone that I have mentored, you know that I take time at the beginning of most calls to show you the awesome power of VSCode’s Source Control.

Dev’s make a lot of cool tools that do a lot of things. We automate processes and build complicated apps to manage the little things that we just don’t have time for. Source Control is not one of those things. …

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Last week someone reached out to me and requested we have a quick 30 min ‘virtual coffee’. For the past 3 months I have given the same response to that request: I am not currently taking one-on-one meetings, but I’m happy to answer direct questions in chat/messenger/slack. While most people are understanding when I respond with that, this particular person seemed very dissatisfied with my answer. What this person didn’t know was that he was already the 10th person that week to send me that same request.

When we entered the first lockdown last March, I felt very lucky to…

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Recently a slack community I am a part of asked a question:

What should a junior developer expect for their first salary?

The responses at first were straight numbers and none of us were in agreement. The range was from about 32k-80k — that is a pretty massive discrepancy, and I want to dig in a bit to explain why that is.

Developers just earn more than other careers

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Without fail in a given week, I get several DMs asking how to navigate the tech scene as a new grad, fresh out of web development bootcamp. When I notice a trend in questions, I try to do my best to put pen to paper and offer some suggestions that are applicable more universally. So here is Kat’s Guide to the Junior Dev Galaxy™.

I’d also like to note at this point that it is totally fair if you disagree with my perspective as a new grad or as an employer! …

Kat Connolly

Kat is a former career advisor turned developer living in Calgary, AB. She is currently re-imagining banking in Canada as a Software Engineer at Neo Financial.

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